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Our technology makes it easy for local, state, and federal agencies across the nation to quickly and easily share offender data, update records across a common database, and collaborate on investigations.

How OffenderWatch® Helps

Federal Agencies

  • As the most comprehensive SOR database available, OffenderWatch® facilitates the operation of a nationwide sex offender registry that truly supports the diversity of the demand.
  • As federal and state laws evolve, OffenderWatch® enables the technology supporting these laws to continually and harmoniously evolve in order to preserve the original intent behind the National Sex Offender Registry and its critical role in promoting public safety. 
  • The OffenderWatch® Network supports a variety of capabilities for federal agencies because it can be used as an initial data source for consistent, readily shareable offender records, as well as a reliable channel for communication among all law enforcement agencies that may have a material interest in a particular record.
  • Other important capabilities of the OffenderWatch® system include automated alerts that can notify agencies when an offender absconds or falls non-compliant, as well as the ability to run batch or single-records searches against the master file to find or update offender statuses quickly and easily.

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