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The OffenderWatch® team salutes law enforcement personnel who demonstrate outstanding commitment to SOR management and public safety.

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Latest Community Awards

To honor those law enforcement officers who protect the public by ensuring dangerous sex offenders are adhering to the law, OffenderWatch® is recognizing top personnel for their above-and-beyond efforts at managing the sex offender registry.

OffenderWatch® Certificates of Excellence

Honoring Excellence in SOR Management

Every day, convicted sex offenders must register with their local law enforcement agency—typically the sheriff’s office or or city police department. What many people may not realize is what happens after the offender registers. It takes extensive time and resources to manage each jurisdiction's sex offender registry in order to ensure offenders are adhering to the law and will not victimize another person. With more than 4,000 agencies and 15,000 users in the OffenderWatch® network, our team carefully selects the law enforcement agency personnel who best embody the letter and spirit of the law to receive OffenderWatch® National Certificates of Excellence.


Award Criteria

OffenderWatch® National Certificates of Excellence are presented to individuals within law enforcement who most exemplify the objectives of the Sex Offender Registry unit. These criteria include initiatives to promote interagency collaboration on offender management, relocation, supervision, and investigation, an emphasis on disaster preparedness, and a commitment to maintaining best practices at every level of operation.

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