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OffenderWatch® Premier Plus

Access all the exceptional functionality of OffenderWatch® Premier, plus efficiency-boosting add-on tools and dedicated customer support and training.

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What Is OffenderWatch® Premier Plus?

OffenderWatch® Premier Plus delivers the full suite of sex offender registry management tools and agency-branded public resources offered by OffenderWatch® Premier, along with efficiency-boosting software and customer success add-ons designed expressly for larger agencies.

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Why Choose OffenderWatch® Premier Plus?

Improved Compliance

OffenderWatch® Premier Plus includes even more time-saving tools to streamline sex offender registry management for larger agencies. OffenderWatch® Premier Plus also includes valuable customer success bonuses to provide one-on-one technical support, disaster prep training, and annual SOR Unit assessment consultations to ensure that all personnel are able to utilize OffenderWatch® Premier Plus to your entire agency's advantage.

Streamlined Workflows

OffenderWatch® Active Contact improves compliance by sending automatic, personalized emails and pre-recorded telephone reminders to remind offenders of their registration responsibilities and requirements, as well as the consequences of any failure to complete those processes as prescribed by law. Active Contact also assists your agency in validating self-reporting offender information, such as phone numbers and email accounts, without the need to allocate more hours or assign additional personnel to these tasks.

Enhanced Public Safety

OffenderWatch® FOCUS uses a complex algorithm to evaluate over 1,000 variables within an offender's records, as well as data from other state, federal, and commercial databases, to evaluate individual risk factors and assign a numerical score intended to quantify each offender's potential to re-offend. The result of this analysis allows law enforcement agencies to prioritize time and resources based on which offenders are most likely to require closer monitoring.

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The OffenderWatch® Network

More than 4,000 local, tribal, state, and federal agencies entrust their sex offender registry records to OffenderWatch®. Reach out to our team to discover how you can be an advocate to ensure all the children in your jurisdiction are protected by the nation’s most comprehensive and reliable SOR management software.

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OffenderWatch® Premier vs. Premier Plus

With the addition of OffenderWatch® Active Contact Reminders and OffenderWatch® FOCUS, OffenderWatch® Premier Plus gives you the capability to automate more processes and handle a greater volume of records without the need to allocate extra time for manual data entry. Your assigned customer success representative will provide personalized onboarding support, and periodic assessments will be offered after implementation is complete to ensure that your agency is receiving the full benefit of OffenderWatch® Premier Plus in every aspect of your operations. A custom-tailored disaster preparedness template and dedicated training ensures that you and your law enforcement agency staff are ready for any eventuality.

OffenderWatch® Premier
OffenderWatch Premier
OffenderWatch® Premier Plus
OffenderWatch Premier Plus
Registry Management Tools
OffenderWatch® Enterprise License
OffenderWatch® Mobile Ops App
Agency Branded Portal Page
Agency Branded Email Notification
Agency Branded Family Safety App
Time-Saving Tools
OffenderWatch® Booking Alerts
OffenderWatch® Express Check-in
OffenderWatch® Active Contact Reminders
OffenderWatch® FOCUS
Customer Success Tools
Help Desk Support
Live Online Training
Family Safety App Media Kit for PIO
Built-in Knowledge Base and Trouble Tickets
Secure Hosting, Software Maintenance, and Updates
Assigned Customer Success Manager
Annual Assessment
Disaster Prep Template & Training
Training Credit

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OffenderWatch® Record Sync

Not ready to replace your current sex offender registry management system? OffenderWatch® Record Sync is a standalone application that streamlines NSOR data entry through real-time NCIC synchronization to improve federal compliance, accuracy of records, and submission success rate for your agency.

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