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OffenderWatch® Philanthropy

The OffenderWatch® team supports organizations that share our mission of helping parents and law enforcement to protect children from sexual violence.

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Organizations We Support

Hope House

Hope House, an independent non-profit, works to end child abuse in St. Tammany & Washington Parishes. Hope House offers a path to recovery & justice, providing forensic interviews, family advocacy, counseling, & community outreach.

National Fallen Officer Foundation

The National Fallen Officer Foundation aids families nationwide who have lost a loved one in the line of duty. Our mission is to raise awareness of safety issues, support affected families, offer aid, provide education, and foster community engagement. Services are free, and there are no membership or donation restrictions.


Free NOLA is a faith-based initiative targeting the overwhelming issue of domestic human trafficking in the New Orleans and Gulf Coast regions. The mission of Free NOLA is to bring awareness to this problem in order to stop the continued exploitation of men, women, and children.

OffenderWatch Initiative

The T.A.S.K. Program represents a collaborative effort between OffenderWatch and local school boards and law enforcement agencies that empowers parents with child safety information, as well as a cost-effective postcard notification system to update community members on the whereabouts of registered offenders in their area.


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