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OffenderWatch® Family Safety App

Protect your children from registered sex offenders with up-to-the-minute alerts from a nationwide network of law enforcement agencies.

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Why You Need the Family Safety App

In the United States alone, there are more than 900,000 registered sex offenders. The free OffenderWatch® Family Safety App helps you protect your children from these dangerous individuals with real-time updates, instant notifications, and helpful parent resources. Use our dynamic map to view family members' locations or search for registered sex offenders in your vicinity, or receive alerts when a new offender registers nearby.

Upgrade to a Family Watch subscription for only $4.99/month and access bonus features that allow you to track your child's location and communication in more detail and receive customizable notifications for greater security.

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How It Works

The OffenderWatch® Family Safety App allows you to access location tracking and records search features powered by the latest GIS mapping technology and supported by your local law enforcement agencies.


Family Location Sharing

See family members’ locations live, or receive notifications when children leave or arrive at designated places (like school or relative’s houses).


Search for Sex Offenders

Search sex offender registry records by name or address, or use the dynamic map to find registered offenders living nearby. 


New Offender Nearby Alerts

Stay informed if a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood with alerts that provide their names, addresses, photos, and case details.

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Family Safety App FAQs

Have questions about installing the OffenderWatch® Family Safety App, adding children to your account, or using any of the features? Consult our FAQ for the answers you need to make OffenderWatch® your trusted ally in preventing the unthinkable.


Family Safety Resources

Parent Guide

Getting Started with OffenderWatch®

Like a seatbelt or a life jacket, the OffenderWatch® App is another essential tool to ensure your children's safety.

Talking to Children About Sex Offenders

Even very young children can begin to understand that a person who appears nice may have harmful intentions.

Safety Tips for Your Family

Check in with us frequently to stay updated on current issues, receive important news alerts, and get safety tips for your family.

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Partners in Prevention & Public Safety

OffenderWatch® is the only app that partners directly with local law enforcement to cross-reference sex offender data from over 4,000 participating agencies with geographic information system (GIS) map resources to provide reliable, dynamic location tracking and records access that can help safeguard your entire family. As a Family Safety App user, you’ll also receive an email notification if a sex offender registers an address in your neighborhood, while our inbox feature enables click-through access to contact your local law enforcement agency with concerns, questions, or tips.

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How to Download OffenderWatch®

The OffenderWatch® Family Safety App is available on Android and iOS devices. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to download the free app on all your family's devices.

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Upgrade to Family Watch

Add extra security for your entire family when you upgrade to a Family Watch subscription. For only $4.99 a month, you can utilize premium alerts for all devices in your family group and customize them as needed for each child.

The OffenderWatch® Family Safety App is the only app with the capacity to cross-reference data from hundreds of thousands of local, state, and federal sex offender records with incoming messages, emails, and phone calls on your child’s smartphone or device. If someone from our comprehensive sex offender registry contacts your child, or if your child remains in close proximity to a registered offender’s home, OffenderWatch® will send instant alerts to make you aware of the potential threat.

Location Alerts

Receive location alerts if your child lingers in the vicinity of a registered sex offender’s house.

Contact Alerts

Contact alerts let you know immediately if a registered sex offender calls, emails, or texts your child's phone.

Watch List Alerts

Create a personalized "do not contact" list that will monitor your child's device and instantly notify you of any texts, emails, or phone calls from unauthorized individuals.

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