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We utilize the most advanced and reliable technology available to ensure that the OffenderWatch® Network is always working to prevent the unthinkable.

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Why Do Agencies Choose OffenderWatch®?

OffenderWatch® makes the most of an agency’s limited resources by minimizing the administrative “paperwork” time for each offender, allowing personnel to maximize the amount of time interviewing and monitoring the actual offender, recording the most extensive data, and flagging any inconsistencies in the offender record.

Through precise offender address mapping, interagency alerts, automated calendar appointments, and full document archiving that preserves state forms and photos as attachments to the offender record, OffenderWatch® helps agencies get more done in less time with fewer resources. Since OffenderWatch® is also cloud-based, there is no need to allocate additional office space or financial investments for new hardware.

Scalable Architecture

Because OffenderWatch® platforms are highly configurable and based on the most comprehensive database in the nation, our software applications can scale to accommodate a growing national network of agencies.




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Reduced Agency IT Expenses

The SaaS model on which OffenderWatch® is based offers distinct advantages that help you maximize your agency's financial resources.

Eliminates costs for hardware or software maintenance, software development, help desk staffing, or user training.

Incorporates regular feature enhancements based on user requests that are integrated into the platform over time.

Increases efficiency, consistency and continuity among agencies.

Provides reliable, scalable, secure, and fully-serviced hosting.

Powerful GIS Architecture

OffenderWatch® utilizes geographic information system (GIS) data to:

Provide accurate mapping of registered offenders, employ geofencing for community notification, and define jurisdictional boundaries.

Support investigative efforts with access to “map-based queries” that have the capacity to identify suspects who are in close proximity to incident locations.

Enable private citizens to perform radial searches around their homes or other areas frequented by their children, as well as receive automated email alerts to notify them if a registered sex offender moves within a prescribed distance of their location.

Dispatch instant alerts to law enforcement in the event that an offender registers an address that is unlawfully close to a school, daycare, or other protected location so that agents can provide a rapid response to any breach of statutory boundaries.

Leverage frequent updates or upgrades to mapping data to improve the quality of public registry searches by verifying that locations of registered offenders can be precisely visualized and that corresponding address details are accurate.

OffenderWatch® Premier

Streamlined Compliance

OffenderWatch® enables every law enforcement agency to implement best practices for fulfilling all state, local, or federal statutory requirements regarding sex offender registration, records management, and community notification. This includes state-level agencies charged with monitoring any associated government office responsible for sex offender registration, verification, and state reporting tasks to ensure their compliance with applicable SORNA requirements set forth within the Adam Walsh Act.

The OffenderWatch® family of products offers customizable software solutions that can immediately improve workflow, cost-effectiveness, accuracy, and efficiency in sex offender registry management. By utilizing our experience in product development to incorporate an exceptional range of options for clients to configure key software features, we empower law enforcement agencies to accommodate their own unique operational and statutory requirements with an SOR management system that provides the precise level of support they want and need to do the job.

OffenderWatch Premier

OffenderWatch® Premier

Secure Hosting at Nlets

OffenderWatch® is securely hosted at Nlets, a Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) security compliant facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Our hosting platform includes redundant hardware and network services for the OffenderWatch® database, GIS system, document management system, web services, and notification system, as well as security, disaster recovery, fire, and power protection. As a result, OffenderWatch® hosting requires no additional IT support from individual law enforcement agencies.

OffenderWatch® users access the system via FIPS-140-2 secure internet connections with 24/7/365 connectivity to every state and federal agency that includes an internal law enforcement component, including the FBI CJIS Division. Each Nlets staff member also commits to upholding CJIS policy, receives CJIS Security and Awareness Training, and signs an FBI CJIS Security Addendum to ensure consistency and accountability in every level of operations.

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The OffenderWatch® family of applications provides law enforcement agencies and public officials with the resources they need to manage local, state, and federal sex offender registry processes effectively. Learn more about how OffenderWatch® Premier, OffenderWatch® Premier Plus, or OffenderWatch® Record Sync can offer your SOR management personnel the right tools for success.

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