National Sex Offender Registry Network

State Registries

OffenderWatch® powers the state sex offender registry in 16 states and registries for local agencies in 38 states. Click on a state to be directed to your registry to search for registered sex offenders, learn more about your state’s registering agencies and applicable state statutes, or subscribe to email alerts from law enforcement.

Territories and Districts

The OffenderWatch® Network is a unified platform for federal, territorial, and district law enforcement to share information about registered sex offenders, collaborate on investigations, and to communicate safety information to the public.

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Statewide Implementation
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Additional Resources

If your territory or tribe is not listed or relevant links are broken, visit the FBI NCIC or the National Sex Offender Public Website for more information.


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The OffenderWatch® family of applications provides law enforcement agencies and public officials with the resources they need to manage local, state, and federal sex offender registry processes effectively. Learn more about how OffenderWatch® Premier, OffenderWatch® Premier Plus, or OffenderWatch® Record Sync can offer your SOR management personnel the right tools for success.

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