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Review our FAQ section or reach out to us directly with any of your questions.

What do I do if an offender contacts my child?
What is included in the Free OffenderWatch App?
What is included with a Family Watch Paid Subscription?
How do I set up a monitor for my child?
How do I get arrival / departure notifications for my child?
How do I set up a Watch List?
How does the OffenderWatch App work?
What is Child Check In?
How do I upgrade to the newest version of the app?
How is the OffenderWatch App different from other parental control applications?
Will my child be safer after I start using the OffenderWatch App?
What do I do if I forgot my family password?
How do I change my password?
How do I update my home address?
How do I update the phone number for the parent account?
How do I change my parent email?
How do I change my child’s email?
How do I add another parent?
What offender data is used by the app?
How do I get a refund?
How do I block a phone number from future calls or text messages?
How do I block emails from a specific address?
How do I set the ability to Read Contacts?
How do I set location services on?
I got an alert on an offender and had an option to ignore the offender. Why would I ignore a contact?
What happens when I contact local law enforcement?
What if my child keeps turning off location services or otherwise disables the application?
Does Law Enforcement see my child’s data?
Can I still use other parental control programs along with the OffenderWatch App?
Where can I read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

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Contact OffenderWatch®

Do you have questions about the Family Safety App or helpful feedback to offer our development team? Message us anytime or call 1-888-WATCH12 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 AM - 7 PM CST.

a lifeline to local agency support

Contact Law Enforcement

OffenderWatch® is the only app that partners directly with local law enforcement to cross-reference sex offender data from over 4,000 participating agencies with geographic information system (GIS) map resources to provide reliable, dynamic location tracking and records access to help safeguard your entire family.

If Family Safety App users have a specific concern regarding a registered offender or a child who may be at risk, our inbox feature enables click-through access to contact your local law enforcement agency for direct assistance.