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Take advantage of a proven sex offender registry management system that’s easily configured for your needs and budget when you choose OffenderWatch®. By facilitating interagency communication, providing automated notifications, and instantly updating applicable databases, OffenderWatch® enables local agencies to do more with fewer resources. Flexible pricing provides solutions to remove financial barriers to entry for agencies on a limited budget.

How OffenderWatch® Helps

Local Agencies

  • OffenderWatch® provides channels to quickly and easily communicate between local jurisdictions, allowing them to share common records, collaborate on investigations, and maintain compliance with all sex offender registration and community notification requirements.
  • Short-staffed or busy agencies can avoid the disruption of receiving unexpected office visits from offenders who are attempting to register themselves—or the risk of new offenders relocating to your jurisdiction without your knowledge. Thanks to timely and accurate notification from OffenderWatch®, you’ll never again be surprised or interrupted by an offender's presence.
  • OffenderWatch® is configured to not only meet each state's statutory requirements for sex offenders, but to exceed these requirements. The system's functionality greatly increases the timeliness and accuracy of your agency's publicly-accessible data, which in turn reinforces the public’s trust and confidence in local law enforcement.
  • Because OffenderWatch® also offers flexible pricing options for agencies with restrictive budgets, the OffenderWatch® system can be implemented in a highly cost-effective and fiscally-responsible manner that generates a significant return on your community's investment.
  • After implementation, OffenderWatch® continues to pay dividends by allowing your agency to do more with less, particularly with regard to registration, monitoring, and compliance.
  • As statutes change on a regular basis, OffenderWatch is continually re-configured at no additional cost to you in order to adjust to changing legal landscapes that your local agency must operate within.
  • The OffenderWatch® system also automates manual tasks that must be completed by local agencies, saving you additional time, money, and staff resources.

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