OffenderWatch® Electronic Notification (OWEN)

What is OWEN?

OffenderWatch® Electronic Notification (OWEN) is a feature of OffenderWatch® used by law enforcement agencies to notify another agency that a registered sex offender is relocating into their jurisdiction.  

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Please provide the contact information for your agency using the form below.  We highly recommend using a generic email (e.g. [email protected]) so that you do not need to return here to update it should your staffing change.   

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If you are a U.S. law enforcement agency who registers sex offenders, you may request free access to the OffenderWatch® network of registries.  Over 11, 000 law enforcement users from thousand of agencies in 36 states use OffenderWatch® to manage sex offenders and share records when they relocate between jurisdictions.  You will be alerted should an offender from another agency relocate into your jurisdiction. You will be able to search for offenders anywhere in the OffenderWatch® National Network. You will be able to view the offender’s comprehensive record, complete with addresses, photos, SMTs, offenses, verification history, investigative notes, public tips, and attached court documents and registry forms. You will have access to the national directory of registries and can securely message other registrars. 

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I received a relocation email, what do I do if I am not an OffenderWatch user.
I am an OffenderWatch user. How do I handle a relocation notice?
I'm not the right person to get these notices.
An additional person should also get these notices.
How can I get a free copy of OffenderWatch?
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Why do we need a generic email address?

Add my Agency Contact to OWEN

You may submit a contact addition to OWEN. OffenderWatch® staff will verify the contact.  The email supplied will receive OffenderWatch® Electronic Notifications of sex offenders relocating into the agency’s jurisdiction. To ease maintenance of your contacts, please provide a generic or group email address (e.g., [email protected]) for your agency. If you need to remove an address or need assistance, please leave us a comment.

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Enter the generic or group email address for your agency that should receive OffenderWatch Electronic Notifications of registered sex offenders who are relocating into your jurisdiction.

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