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What Is Family Watch?

The OffenderWatch® Family Safety App with Family Watch is the only subscription service that directly cross-references offender records from more than 4,000 law enforcement agencies with the incoming messages, emails, and phone calls to your child’s smartphone or device. If someone from our comprehensive sex offender registry database contacts your child, or if your child remains in close proximity to a registered offender’s home, OffenderWatch® will send instant alerts to make you aware of the potential threat. You can also create a personalized “do not contact” list that will monitor your child's device and instantly notify you of any unauthorized texts, emails, or phone calls from those individuals.

If your child has an Android phone, then you're all set to upgrade to a Family Watch subscription as soon as you install the app. If your child is using an iPhone or other iOS-based device, however, Apple's data-sharing restrictions require you to complete just one more step to implement iCloud monitoring. Follow the instructions here to activate your Family Watch features on your child's Apple phone or tablet.

Upgrade Steps

Help prevent the unthinkable by upgrading to Protect Plus for the OffenderWatch App!


Click the button below, log in to your account, and select Upgrade to Family Watch.



Enter your credit card information to monitor your ENTIRE family for only



See our Family Safety App FAQ for help using or customizing your Family Watch features.

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