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At OffenderWatch®, we strive to provide the superior customer support we’d want to experience ourselves. You’re not going to get a ridiculously long phone menu when you call us, and your support request will never be relegated to the inbox abyss. If you can't find the answers you're looking for in our extensive list of FAQs, consult the resources below to troubleshoot with instant system health checks or submit an online support ticket.

Have a more urgent or complex need? Call 1-888-WATCH12 Monday-Friday from 7 AM - 7 PM CST and talk to a human who can provide the one-on-one assistance you need to find the most efficient and effective resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Review our FAQ section for quick resolutions to common questions, or reach out to us directly with your concerns.

How do I reset my password?
How can I download OffenderWatch?
How do I keep my maps and protected sites up to date?
How do I prepare for a hurricane, flood, fire, or other disaster?
Where can registered sex offenders update their information online?

System Status Checks

We work hard to ensure all OffenderWatch® services are readily available and fully operational, and we pride ourselves on our excellent response times in the event an issue arises. Click below to view current service statuses for all of our primary and external systems.

OffenderWatch® Core Systems

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External Systems and Interfaces

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OffenderWatch® Training

Need access to training resources or a one-on-one consultation? Contact our customer success team to find out how we can provide ideal support for you and your staff.

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