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The Mission of OffenderWatch®

With more than 900,000 registered sex offenders in the United States alone, our obligation is clear: to ensure our children receive the protection they deserve.

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The Challenges of SOR Management

Before local, state, and federal legislation established registry requirements for known sex offenders, many law enforcement agencies found it difficult––if not impossible––to effectively monitor these dangerous individuals and inform the public of their whereabouts. These logistical challenges, as well as a general lack of public awareness regarding how child predators operate, resulted in tragic, life-altering experiences for too many families.

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OffenderWatch® Premier

The passage of new laws brought much-needed changes to the process by which law enforcement agencies track sex offenders and use the information that they gather to educate their communities. However, the technology needed to support these efforts did not evolve as quickly as the local, state, and federal statutory requirements surrounding them. Many agencies developed their own systems that were either incompatible with other local, state, or federal systems or require personnel to maintain duplicate records across multiple platforms. Outdated, difficult-to-use hardware and applications have further compounded the problems SOR management professionals are facing.


OUR overarching FOCUS

Preserving the Spirit of the Law

Our development team understood that the sex offender registry could not serve its intended purpose if the people who were tasked with maintaining it did not have the tools necessary to do their jobs successfully. Rather than tying law enforcement personnel to systems that demanded inordinate amounts of time, money, and energy and ensnared users in a hopeless string of potential failure points, we saw the potential for a more cohesive, cost-effective, functional solution.

The debut of OffenderWatch® Premier offered our law enforcement community the all-in-one resource that overworked, understaffed agencies desperately needed: a unified, cloud-based sex offender monitoring platform that enabled them to share information about registered sex offenders with local, state, federal, and tribal law enforcement entities, collaborate seamlessly on investigations, and to communicate critical safety information to the public.

OUR ultimate goal

Preventing the Unthinkable

In the fight to protect the world's children from sex offenders, every link in our chain of partners serves as one more layer of armor between an innocent child and a dangerous individual. As the OffenderWatch® Network grows, so does the volume and accuracy of offender records, the ability of law enforcement to intervene in potentially harmful situations, the public trust that encourages sharing of critical safety information, and the opportunity to add even greater connectivity and functionality to the OffenderWatch® family of products in order to provide security for generations to come.

Our guiding principles

OffenderWatch® Core Values

The OffenderWatch® team relies on three fundamental concepts in evaluating every aspect of our operations:

Question It

By continually asking ourselves if we're doing things the right way, for the right reasons, we ensure that we are acting with integrity and assuring innovation.

Own It

When we take consistent ownership of our initiatives and issues, we can take pride in our efforts and feel confident that we're providing the service our clients deserve.

Finish It

This statement is our reminder that we should always assume responsibility for completing any task, and that excellence is never achieved merely by checking a box.

OUR pledge to law enforcement

How OffenderWatch® Supports Agencies

OffenderWatch® makes the most of an agency’s limited resources by minimizing the administrative “paperwork” time for each offender, allowing personnel to maximize the amount of time interviewing and monitoring the actual offender, recording the most extensive data, and flagging any inconsistencies in the offender record.

Through precise offender address mapping, interagency alerts, automated calendar appointments, and full document archiving that preserves state forms and photos as attachments to the offender record, OffenderWatch® helps agencies get more done in less time with fewer resources. Since OffenderWatch® is also cloud-based, there is no need to allocate additional office space or financial investments for new hardware.


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The OffenderWatch® family of applications provides law enforcement agencies and public officials with the resources they need to manage local, state, and federal sex offender registry processes effectively. Learn more about how OffenderWatch® Premier, OffenderWatch® Premier Plus, or OffenderWatch® Record Sync can offer your SOR management personnel the right tools for success.

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