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OffenderWatch® Record Sync

Improve federal compliance, NCIC verification, and NSOR submission success rate with one universally-compatible, standalone application.

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What Is OffenderWatch® Record Sync?

Even if your agency is not yet a part of the OffenderWatch® Network, you still have the option to save time, money, and employee resources without the need to fully integrate a new SOR management system. OffenderWatch® Record Sync streamlines NSOR data entry through real-time synchronization with the FBI National Crime Information Center, Exchange Portal, NSOPW, the US Marshals Service, as well as many other state systems, and can be used in conjunction with any sex offender registry management system at any level of law enforcement.

What your Current system may cost You

The Catch-22 of NSOR Compliance

For many agencies, outdated technology and an outsized margin of error for NSOR submissions create a spiral of rejections, time-consuming manual validations, compliance violations, and NCIC audit threats or sanctions that can become increasingly difficult to escape. If your agency is still relying on the old system to meet National Sex Offender Registry requirements, you and your team can probably identify specific issues that are creating havoc for your NSOR management operations.

Poor User Experience

Submissions must be slowly and meticulously keyed into a dedicated NCIC terminal to avoid errors.

Poor Compatibility

Your partner agencies within the same area may all use different systems, which are not necessarily compatible.

Kickbacks & Backlogs 

Rejection rates may reach 60% or higher, resulting in costly submission backlogs.

Recurrence of Submissions

Even if initial submissions are successful, all of your national registry records must be revalidated every 12 months.

Poor Interface

Your agency's staff must manually update all relevant databases every time offenders relocate or new laws take effect.

Work Smarter with streamlined NCIC sync

Why Choose OffenderWatch® Record Sync?

OffenderWatch® Record Sync greatly simplifies the NSOR data entry process and enables real-time synchronization with the FBI National Crime Information Center, Exchange Portal, NSOPW, the US Marshals Service, and many other state systems to significantly reduce or eliminate rejections and manual validations. As a result, your agency is able to maintain better compliance, allocate your resources more efficiently, and address pain points that affect employees' morale without requiring a transition to an entirely new SOR management system.

Because OffenderWatch® Record Sync is an independent application designed for nationwide compliance, any local, tribal, or state agency can reap the benefits of direct NCIC synchronization.

OffenderWatch® Record Sync works alongside any existing SOR management system without interference, and can improve compatibility and communication among local agencies with disparate systems.

Automatic database updates guarantee that records stay current without the need for manual updates.

Simplified data entry processes prevent errors, rejections, and omission of important details, ensuring that records are more accurate and comprehensive.

Greatly decreasing the number of manual validations required for new and annually-recurring NSOR submissions saves hundreds of employee hours each year.

FBI audit processes are streamlined, necessitating less agency time for compliance and reducing violations and their associated sanctions.

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