Cumulative Offender Record Saves Agency Time & Money

August 23, 2020
Success Story

When a sex offender made plans to relocate from Jacksonville County, Florida, to Dougherty County, Georgia, Sgt. Kerce in Dougherty County received an instant notification from OffenderWatch to be on the lookout for the offender. When the offender reported to the Dougherty County Sheriff’s Office, instead of creating a new offender record from scratch, Sgt. Kerce conducted a national search for the offender using OffenderWatch’s national network. He found files for the offender from three separate agencies who had previously managed the offender. Sgt. Kerce copied and merged the files to create a single packed offender record full of historical data and investigative notes dating back to 2008.Without OffenderWatch, agencies who register relocating offenders must contact all the previous registries and ask for copies of documents, photos, and records by email or fax.

“I would have had to wait possibly weeks to receive the records and info from other agencies,” said Sgt. Kerce.“Instead, with OffenderWatch, everything was instant.”

Plus, many agencies charge to copy and send offender records—costing vital agency dollars.Dougherty County SO also uses OffenderWatch to automatically update a scrolling report displayed on public lobby monitors. The report is updated as soon as the offender record is created/updated and displayed on a monitor/screen in public lobbies. Before OffenderWatch, Sgt. Kerce no longer had to print copies of offender reports and drive to other locations in the county, to place in a binder or on a board with the updated offender information.“I’d love to see the state using OffenderWatch as the repository for all sex offender records in the state of Georgia,” Sgt. Kerce said.Learn more about saving time and agency budget using cumulative electronic records throughout the OffenderWatch network.

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