Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Uses OffenderWatch to Find Missing Offender

May 3, 2020
Success Story

This spring, a registered sex offender moved from Wayne County, Michigan, which is part of the OffenderWatch Network, to Manatee County, Florida, which has about 500,000 citizens. However, after alerting the Michigan agency that he was moving, the offender had not shown up at the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office six weeks later. MCSO launched an investigation to locate the offender.OffenderWatch staff observed the relocation to an agency outside of the network and reached out to MCSO to offer contact information, images, and investigative notes about the offender—information that would automatically be sent through OffenderWatch Network. The detective used the information found in the OffenderWatch record in the investigation of the offender.OffenderWatch helps agencies streamline processes and easily collaborate on a single offender record that follows the offender as he relocates, saving time and saving lives.

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