OffenderWatch Tool Shows Where Offenders Live Near You

August 26, 2018

By: Amanda Aguilar, KSNW-TVSEDGWICK COUNTY, Kan. (KSNW) - There are nearly 3,000 active drug, sex and violent offenders in Sedgwick County. Residents can keep an eye on them with the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office OffenderWatch tool.A resident can enter the address and view offenders that live in the area."You need to know who's living across the street, next door to you," said Sgt. Conrad Jansson. "Looks can be deceiving. Typically, these people aren't monsters or people that they have envisioned in their head. They look like you and I."The tool shows a description of the offender, what the offender was convicted of, what car they drive and where they live.Residents can sign up to receive alerts of when an offender moves into their area. They can also submit tips if an offender may be doing something he or she shouldn't be doing.Sgt. Jansson said they receive resident tips every day about offenders.Sedgwick County manages more offenders than any other county in Kansas.Offenders must go into the offender registration office every three months to verify all their information is correct.There are four deputies in the Offender Registration department that are in charge of all of the county's offenders. Deputies go on "address check" every day to make sure the offender is living and working where they're supposed to, and driving the same car that they registered.According to the sheriff's office, 98-percent of the county's offenders are compliant -- which is higher than the national average of 95-percent. There are 62 offenders that are non-compliant and have warrants.The Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office OffenderWatch tool can be found here. Only two-percent of households are registered for the county's program.WATCH THE VIDEO:

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