The holiday season is here. Should a cell phone be one of their gifts?

November 29, 2022
Family Safety App

Making the decision to buy your child a cell phone is not an easy one. As the holidays approach, chances are, a cell phone will be on their gift list.But are they ready for one? Parents should ask themselves several questions and make sure they are prepared to hand over that responsibility to their child.Is a cell phone a want or a need? Most kids want a cell phone because it’s the cool thing to have. Everyone else has one, so why not? But do they need a cell phone? Do they need to be able to contact you in case of emergencies? Do they need to be able to search the internet for information? Do they need to be able to communicate with friends or use certain apps?Are they mature enough to handle the responsibility? Not only can a cell phone be a great device for information, but it can also be a dangerous device for giving your child access to things they may not be ready to see and giving predators access to your child. Do they show responsibility in other areas of their life? Do they take care of other things you have bought them?Do you have the right securities in place? Even if your child seems responsible, they still need supervision. You need to be aware of the popular apps and how they work, set up the appropriate privacy settings, and download a safety app that can watch out for you, like the OffenderWatch Family Safety App.Learn more at Data from the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children: Important articles to check out:


Have a Safe and Happy Holidays!

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