Tracking Offender Movements Across State Lines

July 24, 2020
Success Story

What happens when a registered sex offender moves severaltimes in a year? Many agencies find it difficult to keep track of offenders moving in and out of their jurisdiction numerous times, especially when information about the offender is delayed from the previous agency. Over the years, aregistered offenderfrom Whatcom County, Washington,moved multiple times withincounty lines.Recently, the offenderleft the state and moved to the jurisdiction ofanother OffenderWatchNetwork agency inPayette County, Idaho.Since bothcounty’s law enforcementagencies are fully integrated in our extensive network, they easily shared theirdata fileson the offenderand notified the receiving county of the move toprevent the offenderfromslipping through the cracks.Upon each relocation,OffenderWatch-partnered agenciescaninstantly import anoffender’scomprehensivefilethatincludes the subject’s historical information, relevant photographs, importantdocuments,and investigative notesrelating to their conviction. By using thisnetwork of registries,theoffender’srecord follows theoffender, andboth agencies save a significant amount of timeand effortpotentially wasted on duplicated research and tracking.Whenever a registered offender moves to a new area, partnered agencies who utilizeOffenderWatch’sdatabase can instantly access the necessary files to prevent an offender from eluding hisor herstatutory requirementsand to keep their communities safe.

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